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What you need before you contact us:

  • Your Contact Information

  • Injured Worker Name, Address, Phone & E-mail

  • Which Doctor You Are Scheduling With 

  • Which Location You Are Scheduling In

  • Type of Appt: QME, AME, IME, SIBTF, Other

  • Employer Information

  • Date of Injury

  • Injured Worker Occupation

  • Claim Number

  • Panel Number

  • ADJ Number

  • Insurance Company & Adjuster Contact 

  • Attorney Information

Bullet Journal

Schedule an AME, QME or IME Evaluation or Deposition

Download the form above and send back or...​

CALL US at 916-362-5112 or TOLL FREE: 800-SAY-AAMG - Our staff is always available.

EMAIL US: -  Email demographics and panel list.

FAX US: 916-362-6115 - Fax demographics along with the panel list.
Please allow 24-hours for a response.


Cancellations for Evaluations:

​It is important to keep your appointment as scheduled.  Per the new Medical Legal Fee Schedule effective 4/1/21, physicians are allowed to charge for cancellations, no shows and rescheduled appiontments that occur within six (6) business days of the scheduled appointment date. This standard fee is $503.75.

Cancellations for Depositions

Per the new Medical Legal Fee Schedule effective 4/1/21, physicians shall be paid a minimum of two hours for deposition testimony. If a deposition is canceled fewer than eight (8) calendar days before the scheduled deposition date, the physician shall be paid a minimum of one hour for the scheduled deposition plus reasonable prep time. This standard fee is $455/hour.


All of our offices comply with the Federal, State and County regulations regarding COVID-19.  Only one physician in our group is currently performing Telehealth evaluations.

Insurance Companies and Attorneys:
How to send us Medical Records

Options for sending cover letters and medical records:

  • Efax to (916) 777-2072

  • Email to

  • Electronic medical records are preferred for all doctors, *EXCEPT Dr. Zimmerman* who requires paper medical records.

  • Mail to our MAIN OFFICE


Options for report status calls:

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