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Peter A. McDuff, DC

Chiropractic Medicine

Qualified Medical Examiner

EDUCATION:         1994-1997    Life Chiropractic College West      Hayward, CA

                              Doctor of Chiropractic

                                      Dean’s List


                              1998 to 2013   Carrick Institute                         Cape Canaveral, FL


                              Functional Neurology    

                              Functional neurology is one of many specialties within chiropractic. Postdoctoral training in neurology takes place                                in the course of 3 years, leading to examinations certifying the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) as a Diplomate of the                                American Chiropractic Neurology Board. Within chiropractic neurology, there are also the subspecialty colleges of                                childhood developmental disorders, brain injury rehabilitation, electrodiagnostics, vestibular rehabilitation, and                                    neurochemistry, each of which requires approximately 2 additional years of training. 




​                                              Doctor of Chiropractic 1997 to present

                             Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist ACNB

                             Continuing Education: Neurology, Functional Medicine, Thyroid Disorders, Blood Chemistry and Trigger Point                                               Therapy

                             Adjunct Faculty Life Chiropractic College West 2017-2019

                             Q.M.E. 2020 to present

ADJUNCT FACULTY:     2017- 2019    Life Chiropractic College West      Hayward, CA


                            Clinic training as Case Management Review Doctor and Student Clinic Floor Doctor

                            Instructor: Spinal Disorders

                            Instructor: Biomechanics of the Upper and Lower Extremities Lab

                            Instructor: Spinal Orthopedic Exam Lab

VOLUNTEER:        Animal Rescue Foundation 2003-2020



REFERENCES:     Available on request.



                                                                           ADELBERG ASSOCIATES MEDICAL GROUP

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