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About Us

To provide thorough and credible comprehensive evaluations to prove or disprove claims.

Adelberg Associates Medical Group has been in practice since 1981. The primary focus of our physicians is to perform evaluations for impairment rating, following Labor Codes implemented by the California Department of Workers' Compensation.

Adelberg Associates Medical Group provides administrative and in-house collection services to experienced or unexperienced examiners who are interested in working in the California Workers' Compensation system and performing AMA impairment ratings. 

Also, available by some examiners are evaluations for different types of medical legal environments; inclusive of Federal (OWCP) Worker’s Compensation, Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF), Fitness for Duty and other Disability Evaluations.

Our physicians provide quality comprehensive medical legal reports and in team with our senior staff, we have been competitive in Workers' Compensation industry for many years.

Special services such as rush reports, appointment dates, and special handling of cases, are easily arranged on an as-needed basis.

We accept and encourage requests for appointment scheduling by E-mail, phone, or fax. 

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